Book review: Genesis of Wood (The Elementals book 3) by Jennifer. L. Kelly

IMG_8386I was sent an arc of Genesis of Wood (The Elementals book 3) by Jennifer. L. Kelly in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll begin this review by saying that I believe this has been probably my most favourite book of the series so far! In this instalment you continue to follow Ka as she ventures to find and destroy the earth stone in order to restore back apart of herself that she lost. This time round, Ka’s adventure into the woods to collect the stone was action packed and full of obstacles that I really enjoyed. The relationship between Ka and Sloan continues to develop throughout the book and the love they have for each other is clear through all the sacrifices they make. You also get more information in regards to the imminent darkness and clearly see how frightening and unstoppable it really is.

The map included at the front of the book displaying the layout of the different university campuses and Ka’s home really helped to develop a perspective of how the world looks and helped me to follow the characters throughout the duration of the story.

personally the main reason I loved this book so much was the way in which Ka discovered how to destroy the Earth stone and all the self reflection she makes. I feel like she’s an admirable character who is so determined and is yet so loyal to her friends. I also respect and love the fact that the relationship between Ka and Sloan isn’t over the top or lovey dovey! It’s such a strong relationship built on both love and friendship.

overally I loved this book and gave it a 4.5/5 stars and am eagerly awaiting the forth instalment of the series. Please give this series a go if you have the chance! Defiantly worth a read!

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