Review: Army of Fire: The Elementals Book 1 – Jennifer L. Kelly

IMG_6695.JPGI was given a e-reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by the author. The story follows a girl named Ka who lives on the planet Xon 9, which was inhabited after the sun died and earth became engulfed in a supernova. Ka is about to undertake her pronouncement which involves her choosing which element she would like to be apart of. There are five elements consisting of mental, wood, earth, water and fire. Ka is having difficulties deciding and doesn’t feel drawn to any particular element. Once an element is chosen this helps the individual decide what their career path will lead to. Without giving away too much of the story, Ka begins to feel drawn to all of the elements and this is seen as unusual by some. The story than follows Ka and the choices she makes which ultimately impacts her friends, family, loved ones and most importantly herself.

I found this book to be very action packed and fast paced from the beginning. You get introduced to the main characters straightaway and are involved in Ka’s thought process to the lead up and on the day of the pronouncement. The idea of choosing elements was a very interesting concept and I loved how each elemental group had their own traits and job careers. The Romance in the book wasn’t overly dramatic and didn’t take over the story which was a positive aspect. The only issue I had was in regards to the world building in the book, I found it hard at time trying to imagine xon 9 and all the complex’s where the elementals lived to study.

Overall I thought this book was thoroughly enjoyable and I feel it will be a strong series. The characters were likeable and I appreciate how realistic and strong Ka is as a main character. Many of the decisions she makes throughout the book are decisions that I could see myself making if I was in her situation. If you like a book about self discovery, friendship, mystery and a book about adventure than you will love this book!

This book was a 4.5/5 star rating for me 🙂

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